USD Weakness Leads to Huge moves on CAD, EUR and GBP

The USD weakness has really changed the landscape of the Market. There are a ton of big moves as a result:


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  • Paul

    Well done Nathan, battling on with the NDS, despite still not quite back to full health. Your work is greatly appreciated. I do hope that you are feeling much better today

    I like the Aud Usd long signal, although there is obviously a larger risk associated with a counter trend trade (daily & weekly trends are clearly down)

    It feels like a life time ago that I suggested a UsdJpy long, if price retraced to previous resistance (potential support) at around the 100 level, maybe we are going to see it in the next week?

  • david larauente

    Thanks Nathan,
    I think the USDCAD is in a strong up trend and thus I think the pull back is a good buy. Also the AUDUSD is in a strong down trend and I will be looking for a pull back to get short.

    I hope you get better.


  • Kevin Chenard

    The dollar yen chart says weekly…It’s a daily chart 🙂