USD/CHF: Technical Analysis

Taking a another look at Usd/Chf again this week simply because the liveliest days for this pair are today and tomorrow.

As seen in the graph, the (Blue) Tenkan-Sen has crossed over (from below) the (Red) Kijun-Sen showing an upward trend. Confirmed by the crossover of the MACD (with continued separation) at around the same time. The Kijun-Sen Base line is staying nicely below the upward trend of the Tenkan-Sen. The Senkou Span A (green) has crossed over the Senkou Span B (Yellow) giving us a nice upward trend, confirmed by the fact the price is above the Kumo cloud and, in fact, moving away.

Price is rejected from 1.1245 and is making fresh session lows as hourly studies continue to tick south. However daily charts continue to favor higher so will stick with the buy dips strategy for now. Note of caution price is trading outside the Bolli bands which historically it does not do for long.

Position Long
Price 1.1071
Target 1.1245
Stops 1.0995
Strategy Buy

USD/CHF (All times, unless otherwise stated, are in EST)
The most active days are Thurs (23% TM) and Fri (22% TM)
80% of trends occur between 01:00 and 13:00.
61% TM begins between 05:00 and 13:00

— May all your PIPS be profitable
Mike Griffiths
[email protected]

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  • YankeeClipper1

    Thanks for the comment Joe, first one on Casey's new site 🙂
    As I've mentioned before, I only offer these so that traders can look at them and use them in conjunction with their own trading practices. As for me, I entered the trade at 1.1124 about 3 hours ago and it's already moved +32 pips in my direction.
    After saying that of course, I have to tell you I'm a scalper, letting a trade run that long is both unusual and exciting for me

  • Joe

    I would wait for a pullback before going long.