Usd/Jpy: Missile News Impacts Pair

Last night when I posted my trade I was surprised when the Yen took a sharp drop and I got stopped out of my trade. It is not like I am the best trader and that never happens to me but I just wondered why? So I looked at Forex Factory for the news releases and no major impacting negative news was released. So after that I just let it go and went to bed. I figured it must be some major investors moving the price during slow trading hours.

Today however I was reading articles and some of my favorite Forex blogs like I always do and I found a post on Forex Trading Blog about the North Korea Missile Launch. That impacted Japan and that was why the price moved so rapidly in such a short amount of time. I wanted to share that with my readers and anyone else because that was an interesting development and we must remember that world events do have a tremendous impact on currency trading.

I would like to thank Forex Trading Blog for the good work and keep those articles coming. Also here is a link to the news story about the missile test.

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