USD/JPY: Trade Alert Now

9:45 pm Est

Casey Stubbs – Winners Edge Trading

I am entering USD/JPY short at 94.64

Stop loss 30 pips
Target 93.85

I have many confirming indicators to help me in this trade. This is a forex trading strategy that I learned from a forex class I took a while back and it has been successful for me. The key is to use proper risk management and only risk a 2% stake in your trading account. So if you are trading, keep your trades small and that way you will grow your account instead of blowing your account.

1. The dollar is getting sold everywhere.
2. There is a descending triangle forming.
3. The stochastics on a 4 hr chart are pointing downward.

There is a downward trend line that the resistance point has not been broken.

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4 Hr Chart –

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