USD/JPY Trade Coming!

I love to take a look at the weekly charts for many reasons. One of the best reasons is to see when price is at HUGE levels like it is on the USD/JPY. Take a look here:

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  • NathanTucci

    Hey Fabrice, thank you, as always, for your constant enthusiasm and encouragement πŸ™‚ I am glad the explanation of trend and counter-trend came across clear for you. I think trying to over-forecast the market is a BIG problem with traders… it is a tall task and often leads to mistakes and bias in one direction even if price begins an obvious turn in the other…

    As far as what your left concerns are, they are all GOOD concerns! πŸ™‚

    I think you are spotting levels pretty well right now.. maybe a few years of doing it every day to be at 90% of perfection is all you need πŸ™‚ .. And I say that because it is impossible to be 100%. No one will ever be able to correctly separate minor levels from major ones throughout all the markets–totally impossible I think.

    Waiting for signals, also important–letting trades come to you, but this is also something you seem to be doing well with as you have been quite patient so far in your trading.

    Risk/Reward is a bit of a struggle because you have to decide WHICH level is stop and which is target–not really easy and not really “right or wrong” it is about preference and experience, so that is a difficult thing. But again, as you spend more time in the markets and around other traders and in the mentoring program, I believe you will handle ALL of these things with a lot of success!!

    Thanks again for your comments, Fabrice, very appreciative to have one of my students inputting on the blog πŸ™‚

  • Fabrice Goeyvaerts

    Hey Nathan,
    Tks a lot for another cool weekly analysis, another 10 minutes wouldn’t have bored me πŸ™‚
    New format will suit me very much although I don’t imagine watching your analysis only partially but that’s a very personal point of view.
    I particularly liked your clear explanation on trading counter-trend and you mentioning a high probability trade being of 20-30% if you go for a 1:3 or 1:4 Risk/Reward. This would have shocked me before as I considered a high probability trade = 60 or 70% minimum !!! Mentoring Program has opened my eyes and my brain.
    I take very seriously the way you trade and now completely share it. I’ve always tried to catch tops and bottoms for reversals or play breakouts at tops and bottoms … not good at all. Playing momentum between levels is not only an easy way to trade but a logical one to me.
    Like you said instead of trying to forecast or anticipate it’s more effective to REACT to markets movements and play inbetween levels.
    I’m left with only 3 concerns which simplifies my trading:
    – “Just” need to spot correctly important levels
    – WAIT for good signal to show
    – calculate Risk/Reward to judge if it’s worth taking the trade.

    With all the new stuff you had to say, you probably “forgot” to mention next Monday important News like you use to do … of course we all have ForexFactory to have a look at.

    Looking forward to your next analysis.

  • Thanks Nathan, clean clear and concise TA, it deepens my knowledge and provided good insight to price movements and believe it will help me structure my setup with more confidence.

  • Paul


    “Nathan’s Daily Analysis”

  • Paul

    Hi Nathan

    Really enjoyed the daily analysis, it is good on a Friday to take a step back to get a longer time-frame perspective (ie the weekly charts) and to take a little longer (since your audience has three days available to view your work.)

    Not only have we been provided with your professions perspective on the technical analysis of the ForEx market, but also that ‘counter trend’ on one time-frame can be ‘with trend’ on another and the importance of ‘risk vs reward’ over ‘win ratio’ (being right)

    Fantastic, I really don’t know how we get you to do it for the money:-) !!!

    Finally, I appreciate your taking into account the request of the minority of NDA viewers, of which I am one, to keep a regular look at the Majors, even if there isn’t any movement going on. To be fair though, it wasn’t really my suggestion, I was just echoing the comment that had already been posted by ‘Chris M’

    I’m looking forward to Mondays new style comprehensive analysis with the ‘high action probability’ pairs at the beginning & the traditional overview of the Majors at the end

    I hope you are enjoying your weekend (my bias is to the long side on USD JPY, but I’m not going to place an order without some confirmatory ‘price action’ / candle formation indicating that price has stopped going down!)

  • Liked your page =)

  • Akhtar

    I love your analysis. Please also do USD/CHF, GBP/JPY, EUR/JPY and also not only on weekly but on a daily basis also. Thanks

  • FXannie

    Well done Nathan.Always learn & enjoy

  • gekkosleftboot

    more on the weekly charts on a monday would be really helpfull

  • fxtrdr

    Hi Nathan, I am a bit confused. Your USDJPY chart looked more like my daily chart and not weekly. Thanks

  • dennis king

    The Euro/GBP would be considered a frog in a blender if frogs were blue.
    Nathan, tell Tony I am very upset with him.

  • Denisa

    Thank you Nathan for all your work. Your analysis is one of the best out there. Clear and simple, spot on!

  • boydy

    nathan love your analysis thx awesome as usal