We Are So Close to Making Some Trades!

The Market Did not Give us Tons of Trade Opportunities, but we are SO Close to Many!

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  • Paul

    Typical quiet Monday, thanks for the reminder to be a patient Trader Nathan!

    I took the AUD USD break lower at 1.02 65, as there is still a potential for better than 2 reward ratio: still short EUR GBP (in draw down) and long USD JPY (at break even, part profit taken)

    Waiting to see if EUR &/or GBP vs. JPY retrace and offer trade entry triggers long sometime this week, GPB NZD has offered a short entry this morning (my time), so I am waiting to see whether my order will get filled, or if the GBP is actually going to push back higher (in which case I’ll remove my order)

    Perhaps the Tuesday news will be the catalyst needed to get some sense of direction into EUR USD and USD CAD?

  • Dave

    Thanks for the wise words on being patient.

  • Naz

    Great analysis nathan keep up the good work.