Weekly and Monthly Analysis

Hey guys, because it is the end of December, I wanted to cover some weekly and monthly charts before heading into the New Year:


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The Euro is hopelessly hanging in the balance as the Fiscal Cliff Approaches. Visit this link to read about the Euro and the Fiscal Cliff.

Pending Home Sales hit a new high increasing for the third month in a row. Read about it here.

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  • NathanTucci

    Hi Larry, for the Analysis, I use FXCM’s tradestation platform because, as you said, I like their tools and easy control of the charts a lot better than MT4. Though to actually trade, I do not use FXCM, I use ILQ through Arrowfield Trading as my IB… Anyway, I also use a program called “screenmarker” to draw on my charts with both lines and a free-hand marker.

    Hope this helps!


  • Larry

    What software do you draw your charts with, and what do you draw on your charts with (if different), for these web videos? I’m thinking about trying to move off from the basic MT4 software because it seems clumsy when drawing and leaving notes on the charts, and doesn’t have that neat little pip ruler that you use, so am just wondering what you use. Thanks.