Weekly Forex Recap February 21, 2014

Recap of the most interesting currency pairs. Make sure to check out this Forex summary for next week’s opportunities.

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  • Edith Helwegen

    My analyze is that the audusd has weakness. I think that for weeks and that’s my blind spot. Your analyze opens my eyes that it also can be a reversal for price to go up.
    I think that there is more space for the audnzd to go up. The highest price at 4 feb had never been broken, even not in the last swing.
    Both I keep on my watchlist and wait what the market is doing.

  • Chris

    Thank you Edith for your feedback! Would love to see your views on the Aussie 🙂 do you see a potential for AUDNZD to break north?

  • Edith Helwegen

    Most of the pairs are on my watchlist for next week. AUDUSD en AUDNZD give me a different perspective then the analyze I’ve made on my own.