Weekly Trend Lines

Hey guys, today we are looking at some Weekly charts.

It is crazy how many major Weekly Trend Lines are in play:

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  • Josh

    Nathan – I am not sure you can make it any better. You do a great job with this. Okay….if you could just tell us when to trade and which side of the break out to go on, oh yeah, and be correct 100% of the time…well, that would be great too. Ha!

  • Jackie W. Cox

    Hey there Nathan!!! Your analysis was great!!!!!! Keep up the good work.

  • jim joyce

    perfect dont break it?

  • Bob

    I do look forward to your daily analysis which I find very informative, however for me, it would be an enhancement if your chart contained the symbol that can be clicked on to view in full screen. I have noticed previously when Casey does the analysis, his charts have that symbol

  • Mart

    Hey, Nathan. Excellent analysis. I’m rapidly becoming a big fan. Would you consider charting indicies, DOW, FTSE, etc.?

  • Peter S

    Hi Nathan
    I find your daily analysis really helpful in my trading. I trade the 4 hour charts and would welcome some analysis for this time frame if possible.

    Also can you show the time/day on your horizontal axis

    Great stuff