What are the Euro and The AUD Going to Do Tomorrow?

In today’s video I talk about some key things to look for in the Eur/Usd in tomorrows trading and also go over the review of the trade I outlined yesterday: The Usd/Chf.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

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  • Thanks Tony.

  • Yes that’s the first step knowing that it works and knowing you can do it. I took me a longtime to figure it out.

    Looking forward to seeing you in the class.

  • Mike Wells

    Thanks Casey. Great result on the USDCHF. I’ll be in you class in the new year and am looking forward to better understanding how you limit your exposure when adding to positions as you did with the USDCHF. At times I have done this successfully but eventually it’s burned me. I know it works I just need a bit more structure and discipline in how I go about it. What a great way to start 2016! Cheers, Mike.

  • Tony H

    Hi Casey, thank you for this brilliant explanation, i look forward to hearing about the January webinar you plan to run. I am a client of yours so i imagine we`l all be posted on that one in the new year. Happy Xmas & new year to you all.