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  • Larry Balducci Sr.

    as you can tell by my survey answers that a fundamental beginners course is not what is needed for those ready to get serious w/ trading currencies, if free basics are what people are looking for then you can use ‘You Tube’ or answer any Forex ad on almost any search engine. been there and done that. its a given that people are trying to make a buck and your no exception, after all you have a good product to sell. there are enough companies out there that are making sure that there is no shortage of 95%ers and most of them are staffed w/ 5%ers. How about offering something for those who have been working really hard at trying to understand the concept of planning, dicipline, money management: understanding not only strategies but how to pick strong and weak currencies, carry over interest rates, fundamentals mixed w/ price action, the difference between the masses and smart money, etc, etc, etc.,especially price action, not just japanese candle sticks now… since i’m a capitalists, you should, by all means charge what is fair. knowledge is a very valuable commodity (to bad you can’t trade it), so charge what you think is fair…or not. but you need to set some prerequisites, nothing outrageous but a way to screen weather the potential student is thinking about making a lot of fast money or something similar (TIME will mostly determine that, a couple of years hanging in there) you can also tell if someone is serious by an ‘ amount of knowledge vs. time trading’ test. and maybe you could make it rather affordable, then make your money after we start making our money, i can see a few excited clients by then (and greatful ) im just sayin

  • rpw

    hi, yes if your looking for future sales,start with a free course,then go into a more indepth course for a small price,but most of all a subscriotion recorded feed,that people can watch in their free time,live trading thus putting it all together,and you explaneing what you are doing and how and why your doing it,theres a lot out there but its never realey put together,you can not turn any one into a trader, who wants a free ride,you are selling your experiance,but most companies out ther only see dollar signs and are not use to talking to the human race,ie try asking a computer engineer,to explaine anything and unless you talk his talk you will never understand what the hell he is no about, and he does not know that you dont talk his talk,finding the right type of person to present any course is the biggest challenge,it needs a storey teller,not a trader,best of luck,I await the recorded live trading

  • Stan we wanted to do a survey to see where people were at and since we have heard the voice of the people we decided to do some free training. Click here to sign up: http://webinarjam.net/webinar/go/907/9e8bf2b38c

  • Stan

    The serve sounds like you are only wanting to make money for you knowledge . The beginners need free help to learn a system to get started after that you can charge to teach us the other things that are needed to be profitable

  • Peter

    Hi Nathan,
    I am a newbie to Forex, having over many years dabbled in shares, and more recently as my income has become depleted with time, spreadbetting on stocks and indexes, all with very limited success.
    There is a lot out there giving various basic views of Forex, and also a lot of disjointed more advanced strategies, but as far as I can see, little as a composite journey into this complex world.
    A basic course is fair enough but will not get you anywhere alone, (I learned that from being a dabbler) one will only become discouraged and turn to other methods of hopeful trading if the information given is not continuous in its flow of education. I would therefore suggest that a more advanced course, broken into various segments or degrees of difficulty, to be taken up and digested as time allows, might be well received. Something that can be taken in small doses so that the beginner does not so easily become overwhelmed and give up in despair.
    As to price? If it is free then no one can compete with you. If you charge (even a small fee) then you risk turning away those who might benefit; it all depends on what Winners Edge wants out of it. The first question that enters my mind when an organisation charges a big fee is, “….can they not make money trading Forex then?”
    I suppose that at 81 years I have grown a little cynical, but I look to our grandchildren and their young friends and and the millions more young people in this (and other) blighted countries; to the difficulty they will have making their way in my adopted country the Philippines, a place not renown for its employment prospects. This is my hope for any complete Forex course, is for their benefit and their resources are small.
    I wish you well in the development of your course, and hope that it can be within the reach of those who need it the most.