What to do when your Retirement is not big enough for you to Retire…

If you are thinking about retirement, the odds are you’re not thinking happy thoughts.

In fact, surveys suggest that over 80% of people saving for retirement don’t have nearly enough to last them the rest of their lives–over 80 percent!!

Another expansive survey interviewed tens of thousands of people nearing retirement and ask that what their #1 fear was…

The answer? Not death. Not illness. Not terrorism.


Their #1 fear was running out of money before they die.

And it turns out they are right to fear that… People are living longer now than ever before, but their retirements aren’t built to handle our longer life spans.

The result is millions of people at “retirement age” (sometimes even in bad health!) going back to work because they simply don’t have enough money to stay retired.

Over the last 10 years, this has gone from a big problem to a full on EPIDEMIC.

I mean, 80% of people wanting to retire can’t do it! Regardless of their age or health!!

Let me cut right to the chase here…

The only fix for this problem is better returns in your retirement account.

The typical mutual funds (that are robbing you blind with fees, by the way) are not going to cut it.

Think about it…

With life expectancy now over 90 years old, does it even make sense that someone can go to college then work for 40 years and put a portion of their income into an account and somehow expect to live off that small portion for 30+ more years?

Of course not…

How can 10% (if you’re lucky) of 40 years of earnings (if you’re lucky) be enough to cover 100% of costs for the last 30 years…

The math doesn’t quite work.

Even with good mutual funds and a financial adviser that isn’t a complete idiot, the odds are not exactly in your favor.

If you want a comfortable retirement, you have to get better returns. It’s as simple as that.

Many will read this and think “Oh, I am not putting my retirement at risk” but let me tell you, your retirement is already at risk…

And I don’t just mean the money in your account. I mean, your ability to ever retire is at risk if you’re an average person from the age of 30 to 70.

Before I go any further, let me be clear…

Moving your retirement (or just a portion of it) into a broker account is more risky than a typical retirement. No doubt.

But it’s a question of Risk to Reward.

I’d rather risk $50,000 of my retirement now to put me in position to have several million dollars to retire with  in 10 to 15 years, than to keep my account “safe” and then not be able to retire at all.

Quite frankly, it seems like a no-brainer. The biggest risk (the risk of not having enough money to retire) is already extremely present…

If you do something to increase your returns and you end up losing money on the strategy, you are in basically the same boat: not enough money to retire.

But if you make a strategic move to increase your returns and do so effectively, you have elevated your situation exponentially where you can not only retire, but retire extremely comfortably.

That is what I would call a great risk to reward!

If you are someone who has a retirement account but you know it’s not enough to provide you with a comfortable, long term (like forever) retirement, you may want to consider making a move to put you in a better situation.

So that’s my question:

Do you want and are you willing to make a move?

Do you want to go for more aggressive gains with (at least a portion) your retirement?

If so, my suggestion is the currency markets (give me a minute to explain the WHY).

There are massive advantages to trading the currency markets that we utilize month in and month out.

You can take advantage of these methods without learning to become the trader.

With today’s technology, you can easily put a portion of your retirement into your a brokerage account and copy my trades automatically.

There’s no software or manual requirements involved like there used to be.

It’s easy, it’s quick to set up, it doesn’t require you to learn how to be a profitable trader and it gives you the potential to make much better gains.

Certainly, trading currency is riskier than many other retirement strategies, but the potential gains in the currency markets are exponentially higher..

And for the average person wanting to retire, they need those higher returns!

So if you are one of those people looking for higher returns, please let us know.

We’re going to have a special offer (free, actually) specifically for retirement accounts for those that want to copy our trades with a portion of their retirement.

All you have to do is click the button below and send us an email that gives us your name and let us know “Yes” you’re interested in taking advantage of what I am talking about in this article.

We’ll respond with all the details regarding how you can set up a portion of your account to copy our trades and see if it might be right for you.

Again, this is specifically for those that want to grow their retirement.

If that’s you , click the button below and let us know.

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