Book Review: When Money Dies

I just read When Money Dies by Adam Ferguson.

The book is about when inflation ran out of control in Germany in 1923. The Author describes what was happening politically during this time. He also gave an account as to what the economic policy was at the same time. The main point that I personally got out of it was that we should never say “It can’t happen now” Which is what I foolishly hear people say all the time. They said that it cannot happen now back in 1923 in Germany and it did happen and things just kept getting worse and worse and it took a long, long time for things to improve.

I am not an alarmist but I believe that we should learn from the past so we do not repeat the same mistakes. Reading history will help you to see and learn from those that have gone before us. There are many lessons to be learned for those that are willing to learn.

This is an account of the German, Austrian and Hungarian hyper-inflations of the early 1920’s. It includes complete accounts by diplomats, bankers, and regular people who survived the total and complete Currency Collapse. Fergusson spent alot of time getting his facts straight on this book.

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoy the video below. My next review will be coming up next week. If you have any comments please do not hesitate to contact me also if you would like any other reviews please ask I will be trying to read one book per one or two weeks.

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  • keith

    Thanks for giving this book public attention. It seems interesting and helpful so I’m gonna check it out.

  • A440ky

    2 good points: always read (hopefully something a little challenging, a stretch) and always associate with people who know more than you on a regular basis.

    My recommended reading: the Book of Revelation. Not hard to figure out the future of nations in that book!


  • shalom

    happy new year i just came back after 21 days..thank you will send u a personal mail dear mentor

  • Jeremiah Adetunji

    Casey, i will buy ur books. though i have note read any. How do i get it in Nigeria

  • Thanks for Reminding me Hans,

    The other good point you mention is that people suffered. And when Currency collapses people suffer.

    The thing is most people do not remember the past and are doomed to repeat it. Ask any young people you know about inflation and currency and they will not have any idea what you are talking about. At least in America that is the case.



  • I have a couple that I am going to read I will list them in my next post.

  • Hans Taubert

    Interesting article. Please, remember that in Germany we had a second inflation after WW II. All families suffered from this, both times.
    We know quite well, that all is possible.
    The euphorism of today is more than suspicious. Thanks, Hans

  • Swolpippen

    Casey Do you have a list of the next several books you’ll be reading?