Where do we buy USD/JPY?

Everyone wants to buy Yen crosses now that they have moved down, but where do we get in?

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  • NathanTucci

    Hey Paul, sometimes life’s circumstances do us favors 🙂 Did you get into the GBP/NZD later? I hope so, as it has fallen quite nicely.

  • YB

    Hi Nathan, Tks for the daily great analysis again here but there is still one point which I need further clarification, ie on the specific entry point when the trade do really set up on the daily chart , ie something like where we zoom into the smaller time frame like the 4 hour chart or the hourly chart and locate the specific entry point, not sure whether you have an analysis on this area, hope you got what I meant here, tks again 🙂

  • Johann

    Nathan, thank you very much, you make the tech analysis so much clearer to understand.

  • klydon

    Thanks again for your insight and clarity, again.

  • Gus

    Thank you

  • Paul

    Superb Daily Analysis today Nathan (I would say that wouldn’t I)? Fortunately a hellish day @ work today kept me out of the market, as I would have taken GBP NZD short using Fridays daily candle as my trigger, so that would have been a loss. However keep an eye on that pair for short triggers as now at much better (risk/reward) level
    You made a very robust case for the USD JPY long too, again I agree with your multiple technical reasons for confluence at the 50% fib, all that’s required is the final price action confirmation to provide a trigger to enter, should price get down there

    I wonder if anyone has been short on GOLD recently?

  • George Tate

    Thanks for your insight . . . I love this stuff.