Who’s Ready for more USD Longs?

The USD is still strong and might be setting up for trades this week:

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  • Paul

    Many thanks for posting your excellent analysis Nathan ,good stuff as always

    The AudUsd seems to be in a consolidation phase, which may provide a great price to enter short at low risk in the hope of a break & continuation lower. I’d be interested around 0.93 20 – 0.93 80, if it does manage to retrace that far in the next four to six daily candles

  • isaac

    i second that Eric

  • Eric Lambert

    Hi Nathan there’s a lot of traders and analysts who are thinking a temporary pullback or setback before continuation short for Eurusd and even gbpusd. I Also tend to think that usdjpy really needs a pullback before entering long so that traders don’t get stuck in a bad trade going against them. Just my thoughts from looking at the charts though. The other thing I thought I might point out too is that traders need to be able to get up overnight during London session because there tend to be great opportunities from time to time that can be done by late morning or earlier. Hope that Eurusd goes to 3000 or higher towards 3070 for a great short entry and gbpusd to 5100-5300 range for new short entry opportunity.

    Also Gbpjpy below 149.25 could move towards the 147.10 area potentially and I’m keeping eyes on that pair as well.

    Good day to you