Why Big Trends Equal Big Profits

If you watched Yesterday’s Trade Analysis, your account should have more money in it now than it did yesterday…

And if you took a look at Tuesday’s analysis, your account should have even more money in it…

And you saw Monday’s analysis, your account should have even more!

That is what the analysis is all about. We are not just here to write articles–We want to help YOU make money for YOU.

And when trends start building, we have the ability to take advantage of them.

Make sure you go back and watch the previous analysis articles Now:

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It will help you understand the progression of these trades and the structure we are looking for in the Market.


Big Trends Equal Big Profits:


The reason that we love trends here at Winner’s Edge is because a structured trend continues to give us high probability trades over and over again.

The entire pattern of the trend is what our Favorite Strategy is built around.

And Maybe…Just MAYBE, the USD is starting to build one of those trends that we can take advantage of.. And if we do, that means big profits and huge growth in our trading accounts. And isn’t that what it’s all about?


If you take a look at the past few days of analysis, it will demonstrate all the trades that are in play now. Today, I’ll just update you on 2 that we’re still waiting on.





Everything is confirmed and looking great on the GBP vs the Dollar.. Just a matter of waiting for the break and setting up your trade.’





The NZD is in a slightly different situation because we had a deeper correction here.

Rather than a typical flag pattern, the NZD/USD has reversed a fair margin back to the downside. This creates a better profit opportunity for us, but also makes the entry a bit more difficult.

In this situation, I’d be extra patient. Wait for this currency pair to settle down and then make a clear move back to the upside. Once it does this, we can enter with a target of the recent high which should be a high probability move with the powerful trend behind us.


That’s it for today’s update. Let me know if you have thoughts, comments or questions 🙂

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