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Life is about choices…

Everybody in life makes choices and decisions everyday. Those decisions or choices impact our entire life and also opens the doors of opportunity. We have opportunities in front of us everyday but we choose whether or not to take advantage of those opportunities.  I have made many bad choices and many good ones and I can confirm that the bad choices have down the road impacted me in a negative way. I have also made good choices and those good choices have impacted me in a positive way.

I have noticed that when I continually make the right decisions and do the right things, day in and day out, in the end positive things come from the sum of those choices. Some choices have more impact than others but they all matter. Now I am not saying if you make one good decision that your entire life will go great, no not at all. As a matter of fact if you make a bad decision you can something good can happen and the same can happen the other way around also. But the total of those choices and good decisions will impact your life in the long run.

In my early days of life  I made one bad decision after another until one day I was at a point where I could not go any lower. It was at that point that I woke up and said enough, I want my life to mean something. That day when I changed my life ever since then I have determined to do what is right rather than think of myself first. Since that day, have I made every right choice and decision? NO but I have been consistant in doing the right thing and seeing opportunities and grabbing them. I began to see the difference in my life right away but I was still in such a calamity it took a long time for life to be completely turned around, actually I am still facing the fruit of many of those bad decisions to this day.

But as I  began to be consistent the sum or total of all the good decisions began to add up. Now I have many things going for me most of all serving God and my family. Now I see that my future looks bright and there is limitless potential in front of me and I am going to attempt to go for the best every time and I want to take as many others with me as well. I can see the vision for Winners Edge Trading come to pass, which is to make traders profitable and to make life long friends in the process.

The same thing is true in Forex trading, trading is about choices, you choose to trade according to your strategy, you choose to follow your money management. If you make the right choices time and again, you will make money. If you continue to make bad choices you will lose money, I don’t want to make it too simple but it is true. In life you will not get away with making bad choices and in trading you will not get away with making bad choices it is as simple as that. After a period of time your bad trading choices will get the best of you and you will be done because you will run out of money.

So I want to leave you with encouragement, choose wisely. You will reap the pain of the bad choices or the blessing of the good choices.

Please join the conversation below and add what you have learned about choices whether in trading or in life.

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