Why is a Trading Room Valuable?

For many years, Winner’s Edge Trading has offered a live trading room.

So the question is, why do we offer it?

What makes a Trading Room so Valuable?

Many people think that what makes a trading room valuable is that, by being in the room, you can copy the trades that are made by the host.

While this is true and valuable (and our host makes a point to give you all of his trade details), it’s not really the main value in a trading room or why always make sure that we have a live room available.

The real value in a live trading room is being able to see how the trader evaluates the market in real world conditions.

You can see how he evaluates the market from a technical and fundamental standpoint and what the process is for us to build a bias in one direction or the other.

In truth, if you can learn the process of building a sensible bias of direction for a pair, you already have the most significant edge in trading that there is…


You still have to work at being disciplined, managing trades, etc. but having a sense of what direction the market wants to move is the fundamental key to winning enough trades to become a long term profitable trader.

Our trading room members typically report around a 65% win rate and right around a 1:1 Risk to Reward.

We’re able to keep our winning percentage up by building a strong bias for one direction using fundamental and technical analysis.

The real value of the trading room is not following a specific trade here or there, but really understanding the process of trading.

In our room, you’ll see how to find trends and channels and key levels. 

You’ll also learn how to better understand the intrinsic value of a currency by evaluating news and data reports.

Being able to spend time with a real trader and gain experience in live market conditions is often the difference between a trader who just “knows about the market” and someone who can actually trade successfully.

That’s why we’ve almost always offered a trading room.

And right now, we’re having a huge discount on our trading room.

Normally, the room is 199/Month.

But for this week, the room is 199 for an entire year. Making it over 90% Off.

That means that you can pay just 199 USD and you’ll get an entire year of access to our trading room.

An entire year of training and trades and community… For just the price of one month!

You can take us up on this Offer Here if you want to take advantage of it.

Thanks for reading!





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