Why The Dollar Will Get Weaker

This article is in response to Mark Carlon’s great Article titled Why the Dollar Will Get Stronger. While Mark had some excellent points I am not going to dispute his points I just want to add some additional points to consider as to why I think we will see continued Dollar weakness.

1. We The People

The problem with the Dollar is the people of the United States of America. Which I am one and while I am not smarter or better than anyone else I understand that our behavior has consequences.
As long as we have a corrupt government that thinks it is wise to stack up huge amounts of debt all the while robbing it’s citizens by taxing them to death with worthless Government programs that
enable people to be dependant on the government rather than on themselves than the Dollar can’t do well.

So to sum up point one Dollar Printing Money, piling debt and corrupt government, sorry those are not bullish signs for the Dollar.

2. It’s the Economy Stupid

So we gained a % point on job loss big deal. I want to let out a secret, the economy is not in a recovery. The job losses will continue and the economy is going to continue to deteriorate because there cannot be a recovery while the conditions of the current situation remain.. Until those things go away we won’t see recovery.

This could help the Dollar because of risk aversion but then again it really doesn’t matter because I am Currency trader on the Forex Market. Which means I will profit no matter what the Dollar does.

I can’t predict the future, I just look at signs and they look negative.

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