Winners Edge Announces Opening of a New Free Forex Learning Center Website

Winners Edge Announces Opening of a New Free Forex Learning Center Website
Posted by Casey Sheldon on Saturday, January 24, 2009 Under: Press Release

The Forex Leaning Center will be an interactive class for intermediate traders with help in all areas of Forex Trading. All the services will be held free of charge, taught by trader Casey Stubbs.

Latrobe, PA January 19, 2009 – This class will launch many new Forex Traders from losses into profitability because of the no nonsense approach to the Forex Market. This class is a result of many hours of hard work by Forex trader Casey Stubbs and his success will be a great benefit to many others. The class will cover a wide variety of topics.

Casey will be starting a new class every Monday at his web site. This class will teach traders about how to use technical indicators in their trading style. The class will also cover how to create a trading plan and use trading strategies. The class is perfect for beginner or immediate traders that are serious about being Forex traders.

The class is in addition to Casey’s daily trade blog where he makes a trade setup recommendation on the Eur/Usd currency pair. His track record of being a successful trader is evident by his trading history that is shown in his blog. So the students that follow his blog will be the first to be involved the the Forex Learning Center Class.

The class will be last 5 days in length and during that time Casey will answer any questions his students will have, he will also personally help the students develop their own trading plans. In addition to that Casey will be available to mentor students and teach them any time after the class, all for no charge.

The Winners Edge Trading website also has tutorials for basic instruction that is not covered in the class. The basic instruction tutorials that can be found at Winners Edge Trading are Japanese Candlesticks, Money Management, and how to choose a good Forex Broker. These tutorials are there to give the traders basic knowledge before entering the class so that the students do not get confused during the class. The tutorials are also provided as reference materials should the students need them.

In addition to all that there is also articles on forex traders written by Forex professionals so that students may read the articles and increase their skillset. The article section is a benefit to the students because they will not have to search the Internet for a wealth of information on Forex trading it is all provided right there for them to use as they desire.

The release of the Winners Edger Trading- Forex Learning Center is going to occur on Monday January, 19 2009. The Forex Learning Center has many practical features that will be taught from using technical indicators to creating a trading plan. The combination of the Forex Learning Center, Daily Trade blog, Forex Tutorials and Forex articles written by experts will give students a good place to go and learn the Forex Market all at no cost to them except the time and hard work that they put in, to learn to trade.

For additional information on The Forex Learning Center or how to sign up for a class visit If anyone has any questions they can find Casey’s contact information at the web site.

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Winners Edge Trading is a company that provides practical and useful training and information to Forex traders. The company believes that helping traders succeed will be beneficial to everyone.


Casey Stubbs, Forex Trader

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