Winners Edge Trading: New Website What do you think?

We have worked hard on our new site and it has finally been released. I would like to personally thank Mark Thomas and his team for all the hard work, in making this a great new site.

To celebrate the new site we are giving away one month free of our premium service valued at $149.00 All you have to do is leave a comment on what you think about the new site and to tweet the url announcing our new site. You will automatically be entered to win the free month.

So please let us know and if you don’t like it, sorry we can’t change it now we spent to long to get it looking this way.

This will help us to continually bring great trading education and Forex news to the trading community and we are totally committed to bringing the best forex training and education available.  Not only training and education but a committement to you our clients with creating great friendships and relationships.

This website would not be possible with out you all of our viewers and friends so I want to personally thank everyone involved.



P.S. Please leave your comments and tweet the link so that you can enter for one month free.

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Winners Edge Trading was founded in 2009 and is working to create the most current and useful Forex information and training available on the internet.

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  • nrankine

    What a winning edge for any of the visitors or members to this website. It gives you great information at a click of a button with a great layout – well done and I hope that everyone signs up to the premium serves because it is a great way to become a more profitable trader.

    We trade together and win together.

    Many thanks Casey and the team of Mike, Tim, and Sophia.

  • Paul Ogunmola

    I happened to sign in about the time you were putting finishing touches to this great site.
    Good layout, excellent design,easy to navigate & user friendly. Overall, a well thought out plan. Kudos to all the guys behind this masterpiece! Keep up the good work.

  • Allison Strahorn

    The new layout is fabulous. I have already been sending this link out to those I know that are novice traders like myself. This is by far the best Forex group on the net! You guys (and girls) are brilliant! Keep up the great work! You are all a Godsend to me!

  • Gerarfx

    Hi Casey, very good the new design of the page. You are always adding something new and useful for those who are new in this. I hope you to continue progress and teaching. Many greetings from Argentina. Sorry for my english…….

  • YankeeClipper1

    Am I the first to comment? I can't believe that…. but I'm honored!!
    Nice looking layout Casey and Co. (I have done a couple of websites myself, for myself when I was practicing Hypnotherapy. I'm semi retired now so it's ok to look into my eyes lol.).
    The site is neat, crisp and, most of all, professionally done.

    May we have many years of trading, but most of all fun, on this new site… If I had a bottle of champagne I'd smash it ove………….. Nah…. But I would toast to you guys good health

    May all your pips continue to be profitable ones