Wow, Massive Moves on JPY

The Market had some crazy moves today in the Market! What to do next?

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  • eric lambert

    Hi Nathan can you please explain and show what a setup is and looks like for those of us who would like to take advantage of them on any pair.


  • NathanTucci

    haha hey Paul, we all make assumptions that couldn’t be more wrong here and there–I do it in the analysis for the world to see regularly 🙂 …. But yes, a ton of movement, and likely that NFP will confirm or deny some things for us.

  • NathanTucci

    haha, yeah Will, today was crazy! Maybe some calmer more consistent days next week, eh?

  • NathanTucci

    Wow, that’s awesome!!

  • Paul

    Well done Nathan, thanks as always for your Daily Analysis publication.

    How daft to I feel, having stated that I didn’t expect any movement until Fridays NFP had been published? Obviously Central Bankers can also stimulate significant moves (JPY yesterday, although EUR & GBP didn’t really do anything by comparison)

    I’d spotted a clue for the USD JPY long potential: Tuesday (daily rejection / pin / hammer candle formation) but as its close was below the SR level I had marked on my chart: I didn’t trade it!

    Lets see what the NFP does later and what that might indicate on the weekly charts, for the rest of the month (other than more JPY weakness, if you can get a sound Risk/Reward entry)

  • pipcrusher

    been long on e/j and g/j for 2 days ….wow what a day

  • Gus

    Thank you again for your help. You good.

  • Will

    Was today at all tradable? What a nightmare! My short took a massive amount of heat before I hit profit target on EUR drop, then catapulted back up once it hit low. No way to call any of this off of a daily or 4hr. chart. Wished I stayed on the sidelines, although I did make a little money. Too much stress!