Yen Weakness Continues…

After many investors took profit from the Yen’s recent run, possibly causing the pull back, the JPY now looks like a good time to get long again on the USDJPY.

January 21-22 will be the next BOJ meeting, it is speculated that they will announce more easing measures towards their 101 trillion Yen QE program.

JPYPremier Shinzo Abe the new leader of Japan wants the Yen to get weaker, weaker,

and weaker.



Abe will likely forcefully push for a weaker Yen for a long time to come. I think it is important not to underestimate his power to do so.

With a new BOJ Governor taking throne this spring, it is possible that Mr. Abe will even have more leverage with the BOJ to continue their exponential quantitative easing.

Japan loves a weak Yen. Much of the world loves a weak Yen. Abe is determined to make it happen. Being an export-based country, the weakness of the Yen, determines the quantity of exporting theoretically to a degree.

As the USD/JPY has pulled back, it’s possible we’ll see new highs in the weeks to come.

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