Yes, the Market is Rigged, BUT…

I recently posted an article asking “What Makes the Forex Market Move?”

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The most common response was that the Big Banks move the market… But along with that, I got a whole slew of similar comments regarding something that I didn’t even mention in my article and didn’t expect to see in response:

“The Forex Market is rigged.”


The conclusion of their thoughts on the market being rigged was that it’s impossible to make money trading Forex.

While I agree that the Market is rigged (will get to that in a second), I do not agree that it means you cannot make money trading it.

Every single Market in the world is rigged…

When people and institutions have Billions (and sometimes hundreds of Billions) of dollars to put to work, OF COURSE they are going to create some advantages for themselves. That is one of the many reasons that the rich get richer.

In no way should you expect to compete with them on an even playing field. That is called an unrealistic expectation.

But there is something we should be very clear about:

Just because the people and institutions with the MOST money make MOST of the profit, does not mean that there isn’t excess profit available to the rest of us.

Let me say it like this…

If there is a 100 Billion dollars of profit to be made in a full year of trading and the top 1% make 99 Billion of that potential profit, I am still more than happy to fight for a scrap of the 1 Billion in left over profit. (do you know how much money a BILLION DOLLARS is?!?!)


The odds are against the typical retail trader (I am not going to pretend like you have the same luxuries, conveniences and insights as the multi-billion dollar investors in the world.)

But what’s important is that just because it’s not as “easy” for you to make money as the 1%, doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Sometimes we have this idea that just because the odds aren’t in our favor means we should pack up our things and go home.

But look around you… Look at the world… Look at the successful, wealthy people that exist in our universe.

From professional athletes, to musicians, to investors; the earth contains millions and millions of people who are thriving in a situation where the odds were always against them.

The chances of becoming a professional athlete are not exactly high, right?

And I think it’s fair to say that most of the kids in choir class won’t be selling millions of records.

But some do. And that’s the key.

If you want to be a successful investor/trader, you can’t expect the odds to be in your favor. You certainly can’t expect for everyone to play fair (banks, brokers, governments, etc.)

You have to choose to work hard and be an exception the rule:

Every kid on the high school football team won’t be playing the NFL some day and everyone with a trading account won’t be making millions some day.

So, just like everything else, you have to rise above the status quo. You have to work harder than everyone else and be more disciplined than everyone else to succeed.

It’s not enough to be above average because the top 50% don’t win.

Instead, you have to be a total exception. That’s not easy but it IS possible.



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