EUR/USD taking a breather before dip

EUR/USD is looking to take some breather and once it manages to gather some space, it will look to resume its long term downward trend. Currently traders will look to sell EUR/USD on rise to complete it retracement towards 1.3440 level and sell EUR/USD around […] Read more »

GBP/USD expected to take a breather

GBP/USD is moving in a nice and extended downward trend and now it seems that it will look to take some retrace and traders will now look to take profits for their traders. The traders will next look to sell GBP/USD again once it rises […] Read more »

USD/CHF getting ready for upward break

USD/CHF seems ready to break into an upward trend and traders will look to buy it around 0.9000 level which is also a very important psychological level. Once the traders buy USD/CHF around that level, the initial target can be seen around 0.9300 level and […] Read more »

USD/CHF setting up for upward break

USD/CHF seems to be setting itself for an extended upward break and the first hurdle in the way is the resistance level around 0.9300 level and once USD/CHF manages to break above that level, we expect to see some extended upward moves towards 0.9500 level. […] Read more »

GBP/USD looking to break into a downward trend

GBP/USD seems to be gradually settling back into a downward trend and currently is looking to test an important level around 1.5750 level, break of which will really open up a  downward trend for GBP/USD and it will look to test 1.5650 level next. Long […] Read more »

Trading The Forex: The 3 Stages of Trading

When a trader first considers the idea of trading the Forex for a living, the well-known statistic which states that less than 10 percent of all traders who attempt to trade will actually succeed in the market can be intimidating. Even more intimidating is the […] Read more »

EUR/USD looking to break into a downward trend

EUR/USD seems to have broken below an important 1.3700 level and now seems to break further into a downward trend. The traders will now be looking to sell EUR/USD around 1.3700 level for a nice dip towards 1.3570 level and once it managed to break […] Read more »

Forex Day Trading

Forex day trading is, as the term suggests, holding trades in the currency market on an intra-day basis, whether by scalping or taking intra-day swing trades. Trade setups are usually based on the smaller timeframes (1min-1hr charts), and typically, will only be in a trade […] Read more »

Tight range for USD/CHF

USD/CHF is currently trapped in a tight range and break to either side with ensure extended move in that direction. On the upper side, the first level that is important is 0.8875 which is acting top of current channel and break of that will set […] Read more »

Interesting zone for GBP/USD

GBP/USD is currently in a very interesting zone where it can break in either direction and traders really have to plan their risks properly here so that if their traders goes wrong, all is not lost as the move is expected to be an extended […] Read more »