Forex Power Indicator

Forex Power Indicator
Powerful Tool that shows the relative strength of the major currencies.
Be SURE about what the Best match-up is!
Click the picture to see the Power Indicator.

Economic Calendar

Economic Calendar
Today’s news announcements!
Dates and times of fundamental news announcements!

Trader Profile Quiz

To develop as a trader, it is necessary to evaluate yourself.
With the Trader Profile Quiz, you will answer 19 questions. The results of the quiz will help you realize where you are and what is your next step.
Without knowing where you are, you won’t know how to move forward, or which direction to go. Let the Trader Profile Quiz be what positions you for success.

Live Forex Charts!

Live Forex Charts
If you ever need to check on the Market, but don’t have a Platform nearby, just jump on our site and check out our live Forex Charts
– Tons of Pairs
– Every Major Time Frame
– Streaming Live
– Just Click the Chart to View

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Forex Calculators

A host of calculators designed to serve all kinds of different purposes. Designed to make a trader’s life easier!
-Compounding Wealth Calculator
-Risk Percentage Calculator
-Win Percentage Calculator

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