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The forex market is the largest financial market and trades USD3.5 trillion in a single day from all over the world. There is no stock exchange in the world that has been able to reach anywhere close to these numbers. Forex trading is a global platform where people from across the world exchange currencies at different prices. Traders buy and sell currencies in order to make profits. Understanding forex trends is an important part of trying to profit from this market.

You should understand how money is executed in forex trading in order to make profits. The first thing you need to understand about the trade is how to read a pair of currencies since currencies in forex are always displayed in pairs. For example: USD/INR or USD/JPY or AUD/CHF. The currency on the left in the pair is the “base currency” and the currency on the right is the “counter currency”. The base currency is taken as one and is expressed in the value of the counter currency.

Another term commonly used in the forex market is a pip. A ‘pip’ generally refers to the smallest movement in price on the chart. The little change in the rate of a currency from the original price to the current price is calculated in pips. For example, if the quote of USD/INR moves from 46.696 to 46.698, the movement is said to be 2 pips.

Forex trends can be a reflection of the current state of the economy. The big trends can be seen on any forex chart and profits can be made by following these trends. Anyone can learn currency trading and there is potential to make profits providing you are prepared to show discipline and commitment.

Currencies tend to move in a certain direction for long periods of time. A forex trader needs to understand the direction in which the market is moving and find the best entry and exit points that will help him/her attain a profitable position. A trader could either make a long position or a short position. A long position refers to a situation when the trader feels that prices are going to increase and he makes a purchase of currencies. Similarly a short position refers to a situation in which the trader feels that prices are going to reduce and he should sell currencies.

A depiction of a forex trend on a chart is called a trend line. A trend line will indicate the points of support and resistance levels of the market price. They will help you identify whether the market has an uptrend or downtrend. As a rule, when the demand for currency is more than the currency offered, the rate of exchange in the market grows. On the other hand, when the currencies offered are more than the currency people want to buy, the exchange rate in the market falls.

If the market is in an ascending trend period, it is a good time to sell currencies. On the contrary, if it is in a descending trend, it is a good time to buy. Forex trend lines help to monitor the exchange market and understand the direction things may be heading in the future.

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