Advanced Training: Reversal Trading

Strike 3.0 Scanner

What is a Reversal? A Reversal is pretty much what it sounds like; price turning and going in the opposite direction. Some reversals are merely retracements – the market taking a breath from a long run. Others are actual longer-term market direction changes. The actual […] Read more »

Advanced Training: Momentum Trading

Strike 3.0 Scanner Signal

The Strike 3.0 tools are used for two different strategies: Strike 3.0 Momentum Strategy Strike 3.0 Reversal Strategy In this training we will be discussing the Momentum Strategy. Next month, we’ll look at the Reversal Strategy. What Is Momentum? defines momentum as: The rate […] Read more »

Advanced Training: Trading Plans

forex plan

What Is A Trading Plan? Trading is a business. If you want to be successful and profitable, trading can not be a hobby. Hobbies are activities upon which you spend money for your enjoyment. Your trading should not be that way. If you want to […] Read more »

Advanced Training: Money Management

GBPNZD Support/Resistance Examples

Let’s start with a controversial statement; Money management strategy is far more important to your success as a trader than is trade entry strategy. Everyone is looking for the “holy grail” trade entry strategy where price will go straight from the entry to the target […] Read more »

I made 3.91% Return Today

  Learn Exactly How I Trade The Strike 3.0 System and how I use my custom software to get Profits Out of the Market.     Click Here To Learn The Strike 3.0 Strategy   Read more »

Advanced Training: Price Channels

USD/JPY Channel

Trading price channels can be one of the simplest, most profitable trading strategies in the market. Finding a longer term channel is like finding a nice gold nugget. We’ll be discussing where to look for price channels, what types of channel line drawing tools are […] Read more »

How to Trade The Bank of England Rate Change

With BREXIT being the main news announcement it could get really tricky seeing how trade this news event. In my view if they vote down Brexit we could see a massive jump on the GBP. Brexit is going to be in the shadows of any news that is announce but I will be there to show you how to trade it. Read more »

Momentum Setup with the Eur/Gbp

The Gbp has been very weak but we got a slight turn around for enough time to get us into a really good Eur/Gbp Momentum Trade based on the Strike 3.0 System. Read more »

Usd/Cad Critical Support Level

The Usd/Cad has been dropping fast for a long time but right now we are at a critical support level that could indicate a possible reversal. Watch the video to give you an idea about how you want to trade the Usd/Cad. Also we have several new upgrades coming out with our Strike 3.0 tools and they are on sale now click the link below the video. Read more »

Gbp/Usd Setting up for a drop

In Today’s Video I lay out a few things for you to take note of: I review today’s live trades that we took in the trading room. I show you the Gbp/Usd Potential Trade on the daily chart  Usd/Jpy Review that I called on Monday […] Read more »

Wrapping the Explosive Growth Mentoring Trading Room

Not my 24 Monitor Workstation

Today is officially the last day of the Explosive Growth Mentoring Trading Room. That being said, Casey has decided to continue to open the room for the foreseeable future. Not only have we learned a lot about Explosive Growth, we find that trading with a group is […] Read more »

Revisiting the News Trade – EGM Trading Room


Approaching the end of the third week of the Explosive Growth Mentoring trading room. There were lots of news items on the economic calendar this morning, all related to EUR and USD. The USD Unemployment Claims number came in negative, but seemed to have little to […] Read more »

Master Trader or Just Blind Luck? – EGM Trading Room

CAD/CHF Trade with News

We’re half-way through the third week of the Explosive Growth Mentoring trading room. I wish I had this training back in 2004 when I first started trading the Forex market. It would have saved me a lot of blood, sweat, and tears over the years. […] Read more »