Trade77; COT Report of The Week 25th Jan.

Strange! Speculators positioning has changed dramatically and now they are net long! They had around 45000 net short contracts and now they have 4109 net long contracts! It's strange isn't it? So the bias has changed completely and now bulls are going to show their power to the bears. Read more »

Trade77; COT Report of The Week 3rd Jan.

Speculators net short contracts has greatly increased from 14093 to 26479. It's almost doubled and it shows sentiment is now changing from neutral to bearish. Small speculators are net short at last and they have considered to go short early in 2011. Read more »

Trade77; COT Report of The Week 28th Dec.

Speculators have swarmed massively to long this currency pair. They have got almost 60,000 net long contracts and the strange thing here is "We have no market extreme yet". COT Indexes are very close to 100 and until they have not reached there then any swing short trades might be harmful. Read more »

Trade77; COT Report of The Week 19th Dec.

Speculators net short contracts has decreased from 15290 to 10304 and this shows that though they are still short yet they are dubious of the Euro's future. Also COT Indexes increased a little bit. This report still shows that the overall sentiment is still bearish but we might see a range trading during these days before 2011. Currently Euro and USD are vulnerable of fundamentals and any news about Spain, Portugal debts or USD economics will cause the return of risk aversion/appetite. Read more »

Trade77; COT Report of The Week 12th Dec.

This week we can see a huge number of speculators went long and I say huge because this shows that now the overall sentiment is specifically bearish in this pair. Have a look at the figure below and you can find out speculators are now net long 15290 which shows 8042 added long contracts from the past week, Almost doubled! Read more »

COT Reports, Part 3

Here we are in the third part of these article series and I'm going to show you how we can find market extremes in currency or commodity market. COT Index is a number between 0 to 100 that indicates market extreme and also trend following opportunities. Read more »

COT Reports, Part 1

We have discussed about how sentiment and emotions works in the financial speculations before, but there is a concern here and it’s about how this sentiment can be changed? Absolutely you know that Forex trends won’t continue forever, so sentiment of the participants must change not to see a trending market forever. With a simple mathematical process in the Commercials and Non-Commercials numbers in the picture above we can find that strange thing in the market very easily. Read more »